The Hold Steady

Tim Barry


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Pre/Post Party in the Tavern with Bill from irockcleveland

Tavern open early @ 7 PM


We’d like to thank The Hold Steady for bringing Catholicism back to rock n’ roll. No, the Boss might just be one of the original rock n’ roll Gospel writers, where stories of loss, faith, hope, and redemption get backed by a rockin’ rhythm section. There’s a variety of Irish rock bands who do that too, but The Hold Steady and Springsteen have something so uniquely American, meeting at a place where dead-end suburbia meets grimy big-city back alleys. Or are we reading too much into what The Hold Steady are all about? We know this much. There will be much drinking and singing, not unlike a Guided By Voices show; there might even be new tunes, as the HS hasn’t put something out since Heaven Is Whenever. That album of course demonstrated singer Craig Finn’s lyrical skills that detail a life led by a guy or gal who’s lived in a High Fidelity alternate universe; but these former Minnesotans also didn’t skimp on big riffs specked with punk. Speaking of punk rock storytellers, former Avail frontman Tim Barry plays tunes, full of the energy, hope, and attitude of his former band Avail. Tim has really moved past being tossed into a bin with other punk dudes now wielding acoustic guitars. He’s turning into a real American storyteller.

Sat, Feb 1 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
All ages
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The Hold Steady

Brooklyn NY  |  Rock & Roll

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